The PAT Testing Network

pat-testing-networkThe PAT Testing Network (PTN) is a professional body for Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) practitioners. Our members are comitted to working to the highest standards in the industry, and provide the best possible advice, service and support to their customers.

The Aim of the PAT Testing Network is to improve the working standards within the PAT Testing industry through its members agreeing to work to standards expected of competent, experienced PAT Testing technicians.

The PAT Testing Network scheme provides:

  • Voluntary minimum working standards for its members
  • A directory where customers can locate members easily
  • Exclusive benefits to it’s members and regular networking opportunities
  • A private forum on which to share best practice and seek advice
  • Formal recognition of competence to undertake PAT Testing
  • Dispute resolution and complaint investigation service

Improving PAT Testing Standards

The PAT Testing Network’s primary aim is to improve the working standards within the PAT testing industry so that all customers, no matter who they use gets the same high standard of service so that they can have the peace of mind that when they are told their equipment is safe; that it really is.

The PAT Testing Network and YOU

The PAT Testing Network is a UK-wide national association for PAT Testing companies, employees and suppliers who want to improve working standards across the industry – the PAT Testing industry does not have the best reputation at the moment, and our members are commited to changing this.

The PAT Testing Network regulates its members so the members’ customers can be assured they’re always getting the best possible service from their PAT Tester. The PTN provides customers with a direct link to PTN members via the member directory, where a potential customer can search for a member, then can easily click through to their website or email the member.

The PAT Testing Network also provides a feedback and complaints facility whereby any customer can raise feedback or a complaint about any of our members, and we will respond to that and aim to resolve. If there is a dispute between a member and a customer we can also get involved to try to resolve amicably.

We are currently accepting applications for membership from competent and experienced PAT Testers (individuals or organisations.) If you are interested in finding out more about being a part of the PTN , and would like to publicly demonstrate your commitment to improving standards in the PAT Testing, then please click on ‘JOIN US’ link at the top of this page or click here.