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Imagine having somewhere you can go to find  a top quality PAT Testing company, anywhere in the United Kingdom; imagine a place where the price is straightforward and easy to find, where one click gets you in touch with a recommended local company who you can speak to directly, who will do the job for you, who will also invoice you and provide you with the necessary PAT Testing certificates; this is what the PAT Testing Network is about.

The idea behind the PAT Testing network is to make it easy for you to find the right PAT Testing company, to not have the battle of price negotiations and to simply be able to book in a job.

Are you a national company with multiple sites? No problem; you can deal with the Network centrally, we’ll then organise the local companies in the areas you require to come and do the job for you, then we’ll do one central invoice and manage the organisation of paperwork for you.

Our Prices

Prices About the PAT Testing Network

There must be a catch? There isn’t. The prices we quote are fixed; for your ease and ours they’re not negotiable; the price is the same whether you’re in Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham or London; the price is fair, competitive and below the national average – the benefit to you is the company that will do the work will be arguably the best in your area and the price for that service is unbeatable. The prices quoted are specific to the PAT Testing Network.

The PAT Testing Network started on Facebook with a small number of PAT Testers within the Industry; we decided  amongst ourselves that we needed a place we could go to easily to get advice, share knowledge, methods, ideas and talk about the happenings of what we all get up to in our working days. Paul Comber from Kent PAT Testing set this up in February 2013.

The group quite quickly escalated from 4 initial members to well over 100 and is today one of the most widely recognised discussion boards for people in the PAT industry. The group has been endorsed by the Seaward Group, which has helped the group grow even further; by July 2013 there were almost 200 members from all over the United Kingdom.

We have another website for the Pat Test Network has been set up to help promote our members by way of a PAT Testing Directory; this site also has the UK’s 1st PAT Testing-only online forum for it members to post and ask advice.

The biggest problem in the industry we have learnt is from what has become known as ‘sticker jockey’s’ whereby some unscrupulous characters (cowboys) are out to rip off the public by not doing the job correctly and giving the rest of us a bad name. It’s the plan of the PAT Testing Network to form an association to stamp this out, although that is still only a pipe dream.

There are a few national companies out there who have gained a monopoly which is making it harder for smaller businesses to grow and some members of the network recently discovered an opportunity to allow it’s members to build their business without the risks or increased admin of ‘going national’. That’s where this site came from.

The PAT Testing Network runs this website, it is built and managed centrally, and a price is agreed between the members; that price is advertised on the home page and is the price that is charged. It’s a straightforward, transparent business process that takes away the time wasting price comparisons; our prices aren’t negotiable but they are available to everyone wherever you are in the United Kingdom.

Check out the Booking Process page for further information on what happens from the point of your initial enquiry.

The PAT Testing Network is being regulated, the plan long term is to become an official association to regulate the industry. For now, we are regulated by three well known members of the industry, instrumental in the establishment of the PAT Testing Network; Paul Comber, Tim James, and Richard Ayre.

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