Regulating the Industry

We are not currently a Regulator for the PAT Testing Industry, but our aim is to become the recognised industry standards regulator.

The PAT Testing Industry needs a Regulator as much as a screw requires a screwdriver – the PAT Testing industry currently doesn’t have anything in place specifically to regulate it but due to the number of ‘cowboys’ there is a need.

The PAT testing Network has been set up to change the way customers see PAT testing in order to show them the benefits; why we feel PAT is so important.

The PTN is a Networking group for PAT testers, working to the same standards, regulated by the Partners and other members; all the members agree to set working standards and each knows that in order for these standards to become recognised as the way forward they need to ensure their peers work to these standards too.

The PTN is a nationwide PAT testing group, and organisers national and regional events where PAT testing people and suppliers can meet each other.

The PAT network wants to be different.

Our aim initially is to get the member companies on board, and build a profile (a brand); then once we have that, and are recognised by manufacturers, suppliers and councils then we will look to become a regulator. This is expected to happen in 2014-2015 dependant on success.

Are you a PAT tester – do you want to join the PAT Testing Network? Find out more about it here.

Working Standards

All our members are expected to work to certain standards; a summary of which will soon be available here.

Who are Members?

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